OSCO Line Marker Unit


The OSCO Line Marker Unit features a brightly colored U.V. resistant enhancer designed for visibility at a distance. Warning and identification messages can be applied as a decal, including multi-colored graphics and/or logos. These customized decals can be positioned on one or both sides of the marker and are resistant to harsh weather and ultraviolet degradation. The OSCO Line Marker Unit is made from an impact resistant thermoplastic elastomer proven in field applications to remain durable for years. A T-style anchor prevents rotation of the marker, so directional information remains fixed. The OSCO Line Marker Unit can also be fitted with a test station providing all of the features and advantages of the OSCO Line Marker Unit, plus a test station for telecommunications bonding and grounding, cathodic protection testing and more. Terminals are accessible from either side of the board which includes five brass, nickel-plated lugs with fiber washers on an 11-hole terminal board.  Test Station can be added.