SCHONSTEDT XTpc Pipe and Cable Locator


The only line locator that you can carry on your belt, is available in two frequency models (33kHz or 82kHz). The locator’s size allows for easy one-handed operation with all controls at a thumbs distance away. The display is all digital, and includes directional arrows for easy locating and foolproof centering. The instrument is paired with the industry’s smallest transmitter that can fit in a shirt pocket.

Standard Equipment:

  • Retractable Receiver
  • Transmitter with NiMH rechargeable battery pack
  • Transmitter battery charger for 120VAC or 12 VDC
  • Standard size conductive clip assembly, with 6‘ leads
  • Stainless Steel ground stake
  • Tool belt with receiver holster and accessory pouch
  • Duffel carryall bag


  • Three sizes of inductive clamps: 3”, 5”, or 7”
  • Three sizes of conductive clips: Standard, Heavy Duty, and Large Heavy Duty
  • 82 kHz sonde
  • Inductive antenna
  • Earphones