Cathodic Protection and Tracing

OSCO Trace-O-Flex Marker

The OSCO Trace-O-Flex marker is an economical post that offers many features. The unique profile allows for the placement of decals on both sides of the post, while at the same time offering protection to the warning and identification markings. The special design of the Trace-O-Flex gives it the ability to flex, if necessary. The OSCO Trace-O-Flex Marker comes standard with 2 copper test points and anchor. Lead wire can be added.

OSCO Detect-A-Post

The OSCO Detect-A-Post has a 3.5” outside diameter for maximum 360-degree visibility, and ample room for warning and identification decals making it ideal for marking underground facilities and right-of-way locations. Made from a tough thermoplastic elastomer, the OSCO Detect-A-Post is made for years of harsh outdoor exposure. The OSCO Detect-A-Post is supplied with two connection points and lead wires, a permanent cap that keeps dirt, moisture and insects out of the tube and a “T” anchor to prevent rotation. Black cap included.

OSCO Test Station Unit

OSCO 3 1/2” diameter x 72” long test station unit with anchor, optional custom decal and “Big Fink®” type test station cap attached. Ideal for marking underground facilities and right-of-way locations and made from a tough thermoplastic elastomer, the OSCO Test Station Unit is made for years of harsh outdoor exposure.

Twist Cap Test Station

Monitor electric currents safely and conveniently with our twist cap test station. The cathodic protection test station is field proven and maintenance-free. The twist cap test station’s standard nickel-plated hardware is protected from environmental elements, so rust and corrosion are not an issue. A variety of color options such as Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black are available so specify color when ordering.


We can provide rectifiers to meet your specific requirements.

Magnesium Anodes

Available in all standard sizes. Standard lead wire is #12 AWG solid copper wire with TW type insulation. Standard backfill is 75% Gypsum, 20% Bentonite, and 5% Sodium Sulfate.

CadWeld and Supplies

OSCO carries thermite weld cartridges, mold sealers, flint igniters, wire brushes, crimping tools for your specific application needs. We supply equipment and cable for your Cathodic Protection requirements such as CP Cable, test station wiring.