Featured Products

SENSIT® P100 Personal Single Gas Monitor

SENSIT® P100 is a single gas personal monitor designed to warn the user of hazardous gases in their working environment.

OSCO Vent Marker Unit

Designed especially for the Utility Gas market, the OSCO Vent Marker Unit helps protect pipelines from the hazardous effect of moisture and gas build up.

SCHONSTEDT XTpc+ Pipe and Cable Locator

 XTpc+ Features

Schonstedt’s new Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator is soon to become the industry standard for all utilities:

PROGrid® Molded Grating

Proven corrosion resistance is just one of the benefits of our PROGrid® molded grating. It’s strong, lightweight and performs reliably for years, even in extreme conditions.

PROGrate® Fiberglass Pultruded Grating

PROGrate® pultruded grating supports heavier loads and longer spans than comparable sized molded grating.

Temporary Marking Flags

Our flags are made of durable 4 mil. plastic in 14 colors, including all APWA colors. Available with your custom message or logo.